Amazon Banks Database
Bank financing for oil and gas activities in Amazonia.

  • What is the Amazon Banks Database?

    The database queries loan and bond underwriting deals in Bloomberg for companies with oil and gas activities in the Amazon regions of Peru, Ecuador, Brazil and Colombia. It parses out deal information for all participating banks.

    This database is created and managed by Research Group.

    All of the issuers/borrowers in the database have oil and gas activities in Amazonia, but not all of their deals are traceable to these activities because of a lack of transparency in how the proceeds from financial transactions are used.

    Financing that is traceable is called ‘direct financing’, and it represents a proportion of a company’s total financing that is spent on Amazon operations – also called a geographic adjuster. This could be 100% if the company only has Amazon operations, or a proportion if they also have operations outside of the Amazon. For example, Petrobras’ operations are mostly outside of Amazonia, so the proportion of their total financing that is counted as direct is less than 2%, while PetroEcuador has all of their major oil producing blocks in Amazonia, so their proportion is 100%.

    Any proportion less than 100% is calculated based on the proportion of a company’s spending that is done on their Amazon operations vs. non-Amazon operations. Where the data does not exist to create the adjuster, the company’s financing is considered indirectly related to the Amazon, or ‘indirect financing’. See the report ‘Capitalizing on Collapse’ for more details on the issues with indirect financing.


Estimated value of financing directly traced to Amazon oil and gas activities over the past 15 years


Estimated value of fossil fuel financing to companies with Amazon operations over the past 15 years, where financing cannot be traced


Top eight fossil fuel banks by their estimated direct financing (USD)

The top 8 banks are 55% of estimated direct financing over the past 15 years, but represent only 5% of banks in the database. These banks have profited from oil and gas despite the fact that the threat of an Amazon collapse has increased dramatically over the same time period.

bar chart of top fossil fuel funders in Amazonia

Amazon Banks Database

DISCLAIMER: This database was developed and is maintained by the Research Group. It has been prepared using best practices and due diligence using information available as of the last update. All information is subject to change. All data is obtained from Bloomberg which, in turn, is data available via filings and other public sources. If anyone representing an entity that appears in this database believes that this information is incorrect, they can contact